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I can write soo many great things about Jill, and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to do so. Seven months after our son's birth, we still find ourselves talking about Jill; how amazing she was during our 36 hour labor, how nice she is, how beautiful she is, inside and out, and how she was such an amazing part of our son's birth, and how we consider ourselves so incredibly lucky to have found her. That's the short version. But I can't stop there.

From our first meeting with Jill, we felt so comfortable with her, it was the first time in my long, stressful pregnancy that I had a sense of calm, and my husband felt the same. She is an amazing listener with great intuition, and so focused on understanding your needs. She not only does this in non-judgemental way, but she just has great presence and such genuine, positive energy. And on top of that, she is fun, and funny and so great to be around. She was not what we were expecting when we decided to look into a doula, she is soo much better!

Jill came over to our house a few hours after my water had broken (around mid-night). She is so easy to talk to, and sooo well-prepared, I know she was born to be a doula. She spent hours walking around with me to hopefully start labor. When we went to the hospital, we started out in triage, and sat there for much longer than expected, Jill sat in the most uncomfortable chair for hours, and never complained. In fact, she was the opposite, we had some awesome conversations and she also let us be silent when we wanted to be silent. She walked with me non-stop, and when labor kicked in, she knew all the right things to say/do to make things more comfortable. She is truly supportive in any decision that you make. I decided to move forward with an epidural, and I was terrified of the process, she again made me feel so much better. I also needed to be induced, since my labor just never kicked in. I was so terrified of the IV, she took a few items from the room and doctored up something to cover the IV so I wouldn't have to see it. It made such a difference. She also thought so far ahead, she had snacks for me and my husband for during labor, and even brought fruit, along with napkins and even a spoon for me to have after delivery. If she ever ate or took a break, I did not notice, she is a bit of a super-human in that way. She took the most amazing pictures of our son being born, the minute we met him and they are still such beautiful images. I choke up every time I look at them. She helped with nursing for the first time and had so many words of encouragement. Had that been our last contact with Jill, we would have been thrilled. But she continued to amaze us after he was born. My son was not an easy baby, he was colicky and sleep was not his thing. Jill brought us dinner, and came for a few visits after that too. She was constantly checking in on us, and we asked her so many questions. She gave us great referrals and suggestions. We still joke that when our son is five we will still have to ask Jill parenting questions.

I could write more, but to sum up, we are grateful to have had Jill in our lives.


My husband and I have had two daughters with two different doulas helping us.  Jill was our doula for our second daughter.  She was unbelievably attentive, nurturing, knowledgeable, and encouraging.  The support Jill gave me was much better than the doula partners I worked with for my first daughter’s birth which I didn’t think was possible.  Going into my second birth, I really appreciated my previous doulas and didn’t think laboring could get any better.  I was wrong.  With my first baby, they were able to massage and soothe me through labor, but as I progressed, their support hit a ceiling.  It’s unbelievable how supportive and comforting Jill was.  She not only massaged and soothed, but she helped with breathing techniques.  These breathing techniques were essential in keeping me comfortable.  She didn’t just advise me to breathe through contractions, she showed me exactly how she wanted me to do it and would help me with each contraction until I perfected it and it was helping soothe the pain.  In fact, when I arrived at the hospital, I was dilated 10 centimeters and had NO idea I was that far along because she and her breathing techniques helped me through.  Two other great things about Jill are 1) she kept offering new positions, comfort measures, and soothing techniques to help break up the contractions.  2) when she would switch something up, she always explained what she would like to try and then advised that I push her hand away or let her know if it wasn’t helping me.  This sounds so simple, but it was something that made the difference.  If she ever tried something that wasn’t feeling great, I immediately pushed her hand away and she moved on to something else without skipping a beat.  Jill stayed 3 hours or maybe even more (I was high with endorphins so not exactly sure how long) after I had my daughter to help with nursing and other transitions that come along with a new baby.  She took priceless pictures of the first time my husband and I met our daughter.  These pictures bring me to tears and remind me of that very moment every time I see them.  Jill texted me almost every day for two weeks after having her to check in.  She also came for a postpartum visit to our home and brought remedies for expedited healing.  Jill holds the most special place with our family.  We cannot say enough about her.  When we have any future babies, she will be the first person I call as I cannot imagine birthing without her by my side.       
My husband and I are truly blessed to have met Jill and have her be a part of our birthing experience.  The first time I met Jill I instantly felt a connection towards her and I knew right away that she was who I wanted to be by my side when I went into labor (along with my husband).  Throughout my pregnancy Jill was always available to answer my questions and ease my anxiety over the “unknowns” of labor and delivery.  She offered endless support and encouragement throughout the whole process.  

At 39 weeks I was told by my physician I would have to be induced, which created a lot anxiety and fear in me. Jill helped to calm me down and ease my fears about the induction process.  Jill met us at the hospital and was by my side every step of the way.  She brought with her a sense of peace and calmness, which was especially helpful in the hospital environment.  Jill helped us establish as tranquil environment as possible in our hospital room, including soothing music and aromatherapy oils.  As my labor started to progress, Jill was so intuitive to the process, she suggested various laboring positions and relaxation techniques that helped me get through the contractions.       

I had some complications following the labor and delivery and Jill remained by my side and offered support to both my husband and I.  The days and weeks after the delivery, Jill provided such invaluable support to us.  She continuously checked in to see how I was feeling and how we were doing, as well as offer various remedies to help with the healing process.

Jill will always hold a special place in my heart and with our family.  I cannot imagine how our birthing experience would have been had she not been involved.  I have already told Jill that if we have any future babies, I want her by my side!